432Hz Music

432Hz/Pythagorean Tuning is a harmonious musical tuning. It's perfectly mathematical (and magical), and not crude & dissonant, like 440Hz (which contains arbitrary, strange decimal numbers). – Its frequencies are all correlated to crystalline chakra frequencies... (Computer speed numbers, like 256hz is the heart chakra for example. Speeds of light!?)

One should always use 432Hz tuning to listen to music, and never (the worldwide, "default") 440Hz tuning. 440 hurts! The authors of this website personally always use 432Hz tuning to listen to music.

Programs like Audio Hijack for Mac (link) make it possible to always use 432Hz music (on iTunes). Just modify iTunes on it, and change the tuning by using the AUPitch filter, and change by -31.76665363342977 cents (even precise and most harmonious hear... most pleasurable and Soothing to the mind and ears...!).

Here are a couple of other programs that do this on automatic:
Lightspeed for Mac

Lightspeed for iPhone (! lots of you may have iPhones)

You even see color and feel far more feelings from this! ...Duh (about the feelings)!
FEELINGS. The deepest feelings.

Maybe some people would think this is lame [to do, or to haved to do], but maybe they don't realize the music is more subtle. It sounds good in a strange way, one may think.

-The Pythagoreans

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