controllers, archons, black sorcerers- “owls”

on a lowe3r octave planet, the old illuminati or the darkest past season from the 1940s or what ever
when a certain well known about black magician was the “grandmaster.” and all these members follow suit, the “hymns” mimic adolf hitler, and the elders are controllers too, - being controllers doing hitler’s will, inadvertently but horribly. !

these dirty “owls” control the space. apparently they are from some past time when were they have no idea what they are doing.

another/utopian new age earth planet just cannot believe it. stunned at the sight of present/1940s time draconic and extraterrestrial illuminati. extraterrestrials fest and nest in owl fec. - like mad! resulting in massive, massive control. “bad” magic.

another thing- Creepy Black 1940s Illuminati

this 1940s illuminati really prevails, with that Crowley grandmaster as head of black operations. it is the strangest sight.
with Crowley “hymns” (nazi- like) and Crowley- alikes left and right, all like duplicates of this person and his false "magick."

ironically Crowley is the biggest condemner of adolf hitler, but he is most alike them and “hitlers” or even "fema camps” the saints and good, white hymns.

(we wrote and demonized Wolfgang van Goethe in the last article. could this be the redeem? - him most unlikely of people, a Christ still, - top opposer of Crowley, who is like the Hitler of/against saints.)

- DM Pythagoras/Apollo, / 1st (or last!) Ruling Counsel Member of the Illuminati,

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