Evil Scientist Enki

he sees "airy reality" with the "cold hard truth" but it's dead air like the "BAD AIR" from outside, like DOR dead orgone air. Thus containing falsities, like falsely manifesting people's deaths.

he is the HOMO aquarius, "HOPE"
he is the false aquarius ,
"too scientific" like himmler a murderer
A MASS MURDERER, eviler than Adolf Hitler himself-
he murders saints, plans them out and chainsaws them like an actual murderer, a serial killer in fact, a mass serial killer. he glares at them, loves killing, loves the act of murdering them, stone faced about how "right" he is while murdering, completely so many realities removed from being affected by higher selves... all these angels around barely affect the angle of his head! .. and 'pretending to be "spiritual"', while murdering.
acting and looking exactly like that creep Hanibal, from that movie. all how too real it is. watch the movie again sometime, you'd get the right idea. all too real.

he is as the conspiracy literature would say, the abductor of the human bodies cartel... grabbing and feeding on "the too good" and "the too [actually] spiritual". Enki and Inan, beings not necessarily from Nibiru per se but originally from Orion. corrupt, wicked as sin evil Orion.

not the true aquarius, the nude male woman, the water pourer the giver of life and ORGONE, electromagnetic energy life energy

he is a maneater, feeds on humans with his tail, is full of the most toxic human sewage imaginable in his gut. he also loves and prefers to dine on human meat, cooked like a proud with smirk- on face- griller. some 'other' people from Orion are now beginning to believe they've ever accidentally befriended "true evil".
he eats all this sewage, then goes around pretending to be "spiritual"... it all so obvious how this sewage- in- gut affects him to be the worst fucking "person" on planet earth – the worst psychopath humanity has ever known. in his 2,000 year long stay on "planet earth".
– he kills, Murders saints, trying to make them "spiritual".

he is the former evil reptilian "illuminati grandmaster". he is not anymore.

the grandmasters are now Pythagoras, Adolf Hitler (referred to casually as, "That Hit", never condoning his crime, he is acknowledged to be wrong),... people of the sun! These evil reptoids hate the innocent young sun and live underground, feeding on the human meat of innocent people. Also a grandmaster is a benevolent, heart- opened Nordic, Rune. (Taurus is a good constellation, also associated with Christ and again the sun!)

it's too surprising and too ironic how even adolf hitler actually can judge the man for his little "character flaws" and see all the evil in the man, or reptoid lizard, with such clarity. the guy, (a human) is in shock. hitler doesn't like the killing, while the reptoid loves killing and murder.

PS. What a joke Wes Penre is, not thinking Enki is the same guy as the Orion "benefactors" he loves oh so much!

"Why is this, the age feels new, the air is open, it's all aired out and you can see everything... and about everybody" 2021.

And we can see his soul, and it's so dead.

The grandmaster (Pythagoras) does not want this sick shit around, with "him" eating human organs.

YOU "REVERSE SEE" YOU IDIOT DUMB SCUMBAG WITH AN IQ OF 3!!!!!! (& age of an infant, in biological and soul years......) [seeing people as "irrspiritual" with REVERSE SEE. dumb nigger! ... [[traitor, not true orion, but re-chose traitor side idiot niggiru.]] ]

AND 666 DEMON HOARD CAUSING THAT! (the allegiance you take in one life/person, carrying over in across realms to another person, they find you are you know the same persons ... )


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