The Hyporion Conspiracy- Evilest Things

Did an angel create the earth?

These are only some. In the future this breakthrough article will be updated with the main crimes.


Blame branny for crimes against

What do you believe?

Fascist as fuh…

All alien world turns no girls for 5 years against
(with I really wanna hold your hand? for 5 years? r- right nurse? nurse?)

Playing unbetray?

Replace doctors with sterile

Jesus you want? (And kurt cobain the nevermind sellout aw little baby pythagoras)

The hoots

Poor mark levin my big beautiful baby man (“Hitler detox spa? Hitler?”)

Not the BBW!….

Use all lying and nothing but against
(use all evil and nothing but against too… “why didn’t i think of that?”)

We’ll get “outed” against

(use all other girls against, use your girlfriends are now mine against, your girlfriends? …”you really get this robert crawford guy?”)

“James is a shitty guitar player!”

No girls behest on a girl

Use crimes against… no not really, not this but, not really a big deal…

Me: Use Moor against, Befriend Moor with Hank. Weaponized Moor. Befriend Moor.

the hoots!

Use mind over matter what do you believe against

Not let you piss or shit, “doesn’t deserve” against
“I cant piss or shit!”

“Use doesn’t deserve against”

What do you believe? at 80 or 90%… quo?

Magus’s hit piece

The Phoenician Phosters

“you really get these Phoenecian Phoster dudes?”

playing unbetray

(Chuck Berry. It’s all about Chuck Berry.)

Profound says i have my always do a say turned on thank you

No girls behest


I’m thinking the…
The opposite thing? That was a holy grail secret sorry the windchester childhood.

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